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Football Highlights: The Dice Game – A solo take

And it’s between the uprights! Field goal to the visiting team. The home team is driving hard, they need a touchdown to win. It seems like it’s theirs for the taking, then boom, a last second stand by the defense to stop the final drive of the game, giving a 31-27 victory to me.

“Football Highlights: The Dice Game” is an interesting little roll n write that I happened to get bundled for free with Mike Fitzgeralds much more critically acclaimed “Baseball Highlights 2045”, it’s definitely on the lighter side of the gaming spectrum.

The Gameplay

Turns consist of rolling the 11 “play dice” (regular D6’s) and one special Defensive Die which will tell you how many yards to deduct from your first run or pass, or tell you you have a turn with no Defense

Each side of the die relates to one play, which also relates to one line on your player sheet. All dice get placed on the shared game board and then you select one play which means you take all the die showing the number and cross out that many boxes on that line. Every so many boxes will trigger an action, which can vary from run plays, pass plays, yards after catch, increasing your kicking distance for field goals, or giving you power dice (which are effectively play dice just for you).

The game board and player sheet at game end.

The Solo mode is pretty choice free, the opposing team simply scores based on their biggest accessible play, which usually means thats the one youll have to be picking, leaving your biggest decision on when to take field goals – this little choice may on the surface sound like a bad thing, and it does stop it being a great game, however it does make it into quite a little easy to unwind with game that still stays tense throughout based on the games scoring. I have yet to try a multi-player game but I do see that having a few more choices to be made.

While it won’t be winning any awards and probably won’t be a contender for anyone’s top lists, it still provides a good enough entry point into the roll n write genre, and is simple enough you could probably even interest your non gaming friends and family to give it a go!

Do I recommend going out of my way to buy it?

I mean, if you’re a die hard football fan or think it might be a good gateway for your family and friends then why not?

If your expecting a deep roll and write, then you’d probably be better looking elsewhere.

But if you are in the market for a lite roll and write to chill out with for 15-30 minutes then you could do worse than “Football Highlights: The Dice Game”.

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