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Under Falling Skies Set-Up Randomizer

Under Falling Skies entered my collection earlier this month and quickly sky rocketed to being my most played game of the year, with a little over 30 plays. The replayability in this little box is extraordinary.

As someone who really hates “choosing” a set up for a game and likes all options to be randomly decided, Under Falling Skies has alot of customization for set up once all the content is added, with no real guidelines on how to choose what to use aside from saying doing what you like. Which is great for those who can be like “yeah let’s set up this situation.”

It’s not so great for someone like me who goes….uhhhh how many characters should I use? is that “fair”? Am I making this too easy? Argghhh.

So I’ve made a series of charts that I’m going to be using for my stand alone games of Under Falling Skies.

Take a look, let me know what you think and if there’s any improvements to be made!

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