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Robinson Crusoe Scenario 3 Session Report

Today we are going to take a stab at scenario 3: our items were the pistol and hammer and nails, using the carpenter and the cook (as well as Friday)

Jenny Needs Help: The Carpenters Diary

A girls trip gone wrong. That’s all this is, a nice weekend get away, Jenny, Maria & I, we never dreamed of being shipwrecked on an Island in the middle of nowhere. And to top it off a storm is approaching, if anyone finds these words I hope it helps them.

Day 1: we explored aggressively determined to find a way back to Jenny.
We slipped on some rocks, and stumbled across a graveyard. A disturbing thought crosses our mind….we may never escape this place.

Day 2: after a rough night, we managed to find some old masts and sails, enough to but together a raft hopefully.
We also managed to build a makeshift shelter on the beach, hopefully nights will be easier now.

Day 3: The raft is complete, we’ve even managed to eat, morale is still low but we are surviving

Day 4: We rescued Jenny, she’s not in great condition,  she’s going to need her rest.
We’ve noticed animal prints around camp.
We need to get out of here. We are trying to raise moral but it’s an uphill battle

Day 5: multiple beasts attacked us, we fought them off if only due to the fact of finding a pistol in the ground.
We need to get enough supplies to build the life boat. But we also need to survive long enough to get on it…

Day 6: I thought I was a goner, thank god for Maria’s amazing cooking skills. We managed to secure quite a load of fur and wood today, this storm is approaching rapidly though. We have to make our move shortly.

Day 7: Day breaks, Maria’s spider bite has developed into a sickness, she won’t be good for much today…
It’s on me, I’m barely holding on to life. Oh God. The storm. It’s here early. I don’t think I can survive, the hypothermia is setting in, I can’t feel my fing…

Death could not be escaped

So there we have it,  survived till day 7, was always struggling for wounds on the carpenter (mostly due to unfullfiled demand early on) and moral was so low that I was never really able to get the cook spitting out enough health despite seeming to always have an abundance of wasted food.
Ended the game with 3/4 furs and 5/6 wood, knife and rope were both discovered, so really just had to hold out another day to find those last couple of resources. Alas it was not to be.
Score ended up being 6 for wounds left on the cook and 5 for saving Jenny.
This scenario is definitely punishing to try and keep up enough of a wood supply to build the lifeboat and also have camp secure enough for the amount of palisade breaking that takes place!!

Let me know if you enjoy this style of “story telling” session report!

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